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The Annotated... Cerebus

The Approach for The Annotated Cerebus

-by the author



I’m sourcing a variety of references. If I have multiple versions, I’ve referenced them.

For example: for #1 I used Swords of Cerebus, the phone book, and the weekly Cerebus reprinting. I’ll cite the edition(s) used. Plus, there might be added gems in the letters pages or publisher notes that I reference.

I’m doing this approach to “evaluate” different qualities of publication. It may ultimately make little difference, but I’m (delusionally) thinking this might:

  • Force me to read multiple times
  • To identify different things on the page, in the dialogue

If Margaret Liss has posted a “notebook” page to A Moment of Cerebus, also known as AMOC, I’ll reference that. Well, heck, I'm likely to reference anything else of interest I find from (and that also goes for the Dave Sim Patreon site, Cerebus Kickstarter Q&As, and the Yahoo Fangroup (notably , oh! And Cerebus Facebook group).

Other sources include:

  • Following Cerebus articles, and various trade-press interviews. Like Comics Journal and Comics Buyers Guide.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Cerebus Fangirl site.
  • Anything else in the world that seems relevant (and I’m aware of). For example: the Ernest Hemingway sequences may include my understanding of Hemingway. More than likely, display outright my lack of understanding.

At the close of each issue’s commentary, I’ll apologize for everything I missed. And plead for those smarter than me to comment, correct and otherwise give more completed detail about the issue.

As Dave wrote in Swords of Cerebus volume 1, I’m doing the annotation the same approach he did each issue of Cerebus (at least up to 1981):

  • “I finish each page one at a time”.
  • So as is Dave’s approach, so shall be mine own approach.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this series, and more importanty, pick up Cerebus to read (or, to reacquant yourself). Thank you, and very sincerely! -Bill